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Friend OR Boyfriend? Apply the Golden Rule…

Friend OR Boyfriend?

Apply the Golden Rule…

Are you dating someone that isn’t exactly your boyfriend but definitely falls well outside of the “friend zone”?  Is there a “special guy” in your life or someone that you’re “dealing with”?  If so, is the special guy you’re dealing with your man or just your man-friend?  So often in my dating life people constantly ask me to define my relationships.  Am I dealing with the guy I met in DC? What ever happened with that hot guy who had all the tattoos?  Newsflash:  Not all relationships and above average friendships must turn into something.  However, if you are trying to turn your friendship with a guy into something more, then you need to get clear on what’s what.

Everyone’s approach to this is different but daters around the world usually fall into one of two camps.  Some women are what I like to call “first-date-direct.”  That is, most of their cards are put on the table on the first date.  These women make it clear that they will not be strung along for some indefinite time-share that may or may not materialize a relationship. While this behavior is often seen as intimidating, these ladies seldom face the question of friend or boyfriend.

Others are more flexible and prefer to simply “see where it goes.”  This is probably the most common approach as most women perpetually wait for the other shoe to drop anyway.   Of course, the ambiguity involved in this approach can be a bit un-nerving.  If you’re not careful, you can easily fall into a vortex of back and forth conversations that still lead to the land of gray area.

Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, it’s not brain science.  If you find yourself wanting more than friendship, look at the situation with both eyes and simply observe.  Don’t over crowd your brain with possible explanations for someone’s behavior (or lack thereof).  For example, if you’re dating someone who constantly reinforces the fact that you’re not in a relationship, take it as a sign that there’s a good chance your situation isn’t going to blossom into a relationship.  When you’re single and dating, apply the golden rule and treat the people you deal with as they treat you.  Do not go above and beyond in hopes that this person will reciprocate your actions.  Do not arrange for special things if special things have never been arranged for you.  Above all, do not make yourself widely available to someone who only makes themselves available on their terms.  This is how people get hurt.

Los Angeles is filled with beautiful women who are always going to be younger, smarter or more successful than you.  This isn’t your concern.  As a matter of fact, this actually works in your favor because single men (and women) are typically looking for their best option.  Men don’t want to settle for a simply great girl if there’s a younger, more attractive girl with whom they might have a chance.  You’ll want to weed these men out of your dating circle as quickly as possible.  If you don’t, they’ll only take up time that could be better spent on your better matches.  Believe it or not, there are many frustrated, good men in the world who are looking for their most compatible match, as opposed to the hottest woman that will tolerate them.

I know this seems basic but applying the Golden Rule in dating has never disappointed me.  This Friday, for example, I could choose to spend my time with the guy I hear from only just enough to make sure that I don’t erase his number from my iPhone.  Or, I could spend my time with the guy who has read every blog I’ve ever written, asks me if I want to grab dinner and a movie every weekend, and makes an effort to get more involved in my life every time I see him.  I’ll give you one guess where my Friday will be spent…