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Is it OK to Loan Your Boyfriend Money?

Is it OK to Loan Your Boyfriend Money?

I’m sure a plethora of scenarios are running through your head in which you are probably trying to justify when it’s ok to loan money to your man.  Of course there are those who are actually calculating the hundreds if not thousands of dollars they’ve already lost to the “I-can-do-bad-all-by-myself” college fund.  Where was Tyler Perry when you needed him?  Hopefully you’re not THAT girl but I’m 98% sure you know a girl who fits this description.  Let’s face it, we live in Los Angeles, home of the designer $32 Kobe beef burger, there’s no such thing as petty cash in this town.   Even if you are the breadwinner in a relationship, a personal line of credit extended from your checking account to your man is not a great idea.  In fact, ESPECIALLY when you are the breadwinner in the relationship, loaning your man money is not a great idea.   I’m not saying that we (women) should not support our significant others in a time of need.  What I am saying is that it’s tricky.

Now, there’s nothing I love more than contributing in a relationship.  If I have the means to contribute and make a good vacation GREAT, then damn it I want a personal concierge, a beach view and bottomless dirty martinis throughout my stay.  There’s NOTHING wrong with putting your finances together to purchase something awesome whether it be a great vacation or a great single family home.  There’s NOTHING wrong with buying your man a nice and/or expensive birthday present.  Financial collaboration between two people who have it like that is sexy.   However, the moment you start reaching into your pockets to help support a boyfriend out of necessity, you might as well start tossing out your sex drive like spare change.

The difference is this:  When we have a man in our life who spoils us and provides without being asked to, we naturally want to reciprocate and let him know that he’s appreciated.  BUT, when we have a man in our life that is struggling and HIS finances become a drain on YOUR finances, we begin to raise a Kardashian eyebrow.  After all, if a man can’t provide for himself how will he be able to handle the rest of the grown up things in life?

Truthfully it’s not even about the loan.  It’s about the notion that you have now become the man in the relationship.   You now have power that you didn’t ask for in lieu of the security that most women crave.  Plus, when your inner loan shark begins to emerge and you see him buying Play Station games instead of making good on his debt, you start to realize that you’ve just adopted a grown man.

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