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Dating Up

Dating Up

One of the most traditional ways that women have come into wealth since the dawn of dowries is by simply marrying into it.  In Los Angeles there is no shortage of women who would be more than thrilled to quit their day jobs for the prospect of pre-nuptial bliss to a man of means.  While this is somewhat frowned upon, dating and marrying upward happens quite often.   However, more important than gifts and great trips, dating up is an opportunity to experience a higher level of consciousness.

Dating up is not to be confused with being a groupie.  Dating up is about meeting someone who has achieved something that you admire and want to emulate in some facet of your own life.  At face value this seems a bit controversial but realistically we hope the men we date are on the same level  when it comes to income, career, education, etc.   Dating up isn’t merely something to show off, it’s much deeper.  If we believe that we attract what we act, dating up is a way to try on the image that the universe wants us to have.

A huge factor in attracting the type of man you want has to do with the type of energy you put out.  Make an effort to envision your best self and make conscious strides toward manifesting that person within you.  The object of the dating game is to win but winning can simply be achieving happiness and contentment.  Dating up is a social experiment that offers women the opportunity to test their skills and preparedness for various levels of interaction.  For example, can you be the kind of woman that a man can take to a dive bar or a White House dinner?  Can you switch gears and adapt to awkward moments, or do you shut down in the face of exposure? Set higher standards for yourself mentally, physically and spiritually so that you can go on to meet interesting people who reflect these standards. The art of love and dating is also the art of internal reflection and self-awareness.

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